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What Sets Us Apart

Being a mom to three young children, Dr. Angela truly believes the combination of being a mommy and a dentist allows for a wonderful relatable experience.

She just gets it. Pediatric dentistry is not only about the patient, but also the parents and caregivers as well. Creating a comforting environment for both the parent and the patient is vital to a successful dental office experience.

A boutique-style pediatric dental office that serves patients five and under, as well as patients with very high dental anxiety, we understand the care and complexities of this group of patients and take our time to get to know each patient and parent. Careful, customized treatment plans that focus on education and prevention is what truly sets us apart.

Dr. Angela has been a pediatric dentist for more than a decade and a half. During these years, she’s been able to craft her expertise as a dentist, but also understands there have been some areas of pediatric dentistry where she believes things are lacking.

Feeling rushed, generalized treatment plans — basically feeling like a number — is not what anyone wants. Small children deserve time and respect during their dental visits, and especially those precious first few experiences. We take this very seriously, but have fun at the same time!

We aim to offer a beautiful, alternative dental experience to babies and young children. By focusing on education and prevention, we can guide children into a lifetime of beautiful healthy smiles. We believe in a true team approach. Dental team, parent, and patient. With this philosophy, we can paint picture perfect smiles for life!