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Welcome to Little Dental Studio

At Little Dental Studio, your son or daughter’s smile is our canvas! We have dedicated our practice to shaping the unique dental experience into a positive and fun adventure. Ever feel rushed, and treated like a number in a medical or dental setting? Yeah, so have we. Not fun. While this doesn’t serve adults or older children well, it is even worst for little children.

As an experienced expert in pediatric dentistry, Dr. Angela is excited to expand her service by focusing on patients who need just a little more time. While we welcome all children, our practice specializes on catering to younger patients, patients with sensory disorders, patients on the autism spectrum, patients with extremely high dental anxiety, and patients who may have a negative dental experience in the past;

We take advantage of this unique opportunity to mold their dental experiences into positive moments that will last a lifetime. At Little Dental Studio, we are laid back and happy to go with the flow in order to provide an easy and happy experience for parents and babies, and children in a highly professional and educated manner.

Contact our Alexandria pediatric dental office to schedule an appointment. Let’s paint picture-perfect smiles for life!